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Novergy solar has been offering a range of solar solutions across the globe for nearly 13 years. We are the prominent solar panel manufacturer company in India, specialized in TwinPeak Solar panels and BIPV Solar panels. We have the best and most reliable solar technology in the industry with various International and National bodies certifying, accrediting and approving our products and company. This is also the reason that our systems deliver the best energy output for the same rating of solar capacity. Solar panels and Solar pumps manufactured by Novergy are the most efficient and with highest quality.

Being an integrated player, we take design, engineering, manufacturing, supply, installation and commissioning very seriously delivering a superior customer experience. Our detailed orientation is also reflected in project execution and exceptional performance record.

Novergy offers a range of solar solutions that include power plants, rooftop and captive power systems, solar lighting solutions, pumping solutions, solar telecom systems, solar micro grid, solar genset hybrid systems, etc. Our team believes in carefully analyzing each project requirement and then providing the most appropriate solution in the interest of the customer.  

We are specialists of BIPV solar panels. Our BIPV solar panels are designed for generating more power per sq mtr even in low light conditions, with variants to suit individual requirements.

Our Twin Peak solar panels deliver 60% high energy with its superior features that makes it a preferred choice among consumers.

Our products have a NIL replacement record in the harshest of conditions resulting in highest customer satisfaction.

Our Range Of Products And Solutions Consist of :

  • Very high efficiency Solar crystalline modules (Mono and Poly)

  • Solar Inverters of different types (On-grid / off-grid / Hybrid/ etc)

  • Solar Power plants and power packs

  • Solar modules and BIPV products for architectural or Green building applications

  • Solar Pumping systems

  • Solar Telecom systems

  • Solar systems for Oil and Gas applications

  • Solar lighting solutions (Street lighting / Aviation / Navigation / Traffic / etc)

  • Other custom designed solar systems based on specific project requirements

Novergy Solar Journey


  • One of the highest efficiency Solar technology and products.

  • Assuredness of 10+ years provenness and reliability on field.

  • Integrated player with design, engineering, production, etc expertise in house.

  • Many MWs installed products in various applications such as Solar Power plants, rooftops, captive systems, pumping, street lighting, traffic signalling, etc.

  • Rugged range of products proven in very diverse and harsh conditions around the globe.

  • Certifications and accreditions by various internationally reputed bodies.

  • Products already exported and installed in various countries and continents.

  • Technically very strong management and team purely focussed on improving our Solar technology.

  • Continous technology improvement , upgradation, R&D and innovation.

  • Wide range of solar solutions with further capability to custom design or offer solutions.

  • Social initiatives and community support by support to Rotary, Donations, Not for profit bodies, colleges, schools, etc.


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