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Novergy offers high quality solar panels that are made using highest quality raw materials under stringent manufacturing standards. Our solar panels consistently deliver high efficiency and more kWh energy (upto 60% or higher) for an extended period of time with significantly lower degradation. The cell efficiency of our solar panels is greater than 24%.

Our solar panels are certified or tested to most reputed International standards such as TUV, UL, IEC, CE, MNRE, Clean Energy Council, etc They have strong mechanical strength and are certified to withstand high wind loads and snow loads while being extremely responsive in low light conditions capturing more sunlight in cloudy conditions ensuring better power generation.  The glass used in these solar panels are having ARC coatings.

We offer solar PV panels in both monocrystalline and polycrystalline technologies in various wattage and cell configurations.  They are based on latest technologies

Novergy also offers a range of BIPV solar panels.  Our double glass Building integrated solar modules with glass on both front and back sides have been a source of green energy with significantly lower heat gain making them a preferred choice among architects, building consultants and designers. These modules are available in a variety of colors, dimensions, opacity, thickness and shapes to help make sustainable buildings without compromising on the architectural ideas.

Novergy has been on the forefront of helping customers across industries solve their emerging power needs for over a decade.  The performance of our solar panels have well proven themselves in these years resulting in a better return on investment and ensuring solar output exceeding client expectations.

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