Novergy offers Solar panels with choice of Monocrystalline Half cut solar panels and polycrystalline Half cut solar panels manufacturer in India. The cell efficiency of these Solar panel is greater than 24%. These Solar panel are available in different wattages reaching up to 350w and with various cell configurations such as 72 cells, 60 cells, 36 cells.

We offer Very High Efficiency Crystalline Silicon Solar panel made using highest quality raw materials under stringent manufacturing standards. Our Solar panel consistently deliver reliable power and more kWh energy (up to 60% or higher) for an extended period of time with significantly lower degradation.

The Solar panels come with Antireflective coatings (ARC) on the front glass to help absorb more solar radiation. Behind the Solar panel is a waterproof and dustproof IP67 junction box. The junction box has integrated bypass diodes to reduce the effect of shading or dust. Our Solar panel have strong mechanical strength and are certified to withstand high wind loads and snow loads while being extremely responsive in low light conditions capturing more sunlight in cloudy conditions ensuring better power generation. The Solar panel have the lowest temperature coefficient, hence ensuring better energy output in tropical and high temperature conditions.

These modules have been installed in various power plants, rooftop systems, pumping systems, lighting systems, etc across the globe and have exceeded the performance expectations always. Due to the higher efficiency these Solar panel require lesser space to install the same KWp.

These Solar panel are backed by a 25 years linear warranty resulting in a more stable performance assurance and ensuring complete peace of mind for the customer.

Novergy has been on the forefront of helping customers across industries solve their emerging power needs for over a decade.

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solar module benefit - More Power per m2

More Power per m2

solar module benefit - Better Temperature Coefficient

Better Temperature Coefficient

solar module benefit - Anti-Reflective Coating on Glass

Anti-Reflective Coating on Glass

solar module benefit - Lower Degradation

Lower Degradation

solar module benefit - 4 Bus Bar Design

5 Bus Bar Design

solar module benefit - Strong Mechanical Strength

Strong Mechanical Strength

solar module benefit - Responsive in Low Light

Responsive in Low Light

solar module benefit - IP67

PERC Solar Cell

solar module benefit - PID Free

PID Free

solar module benefit - 25 year Linear warranty


For a period of twenty-five (25) years commencing on the Warranty Start Date, loss of power output of the nominal power output measured at Standard Test Conditions (STC) for the Product(s) shall not exceed:
1. For Polycrystalline Products: 2% in the first year, thereafter  0.67% per year, ending with 82% in the 25th year after the Warranty Start Date.
2. For monocrystalline Products: 2% in the first year, thereafter 0.67% per year, ending with 82% in the 25th year after the Warranty Start Date.
The Modules Carry a 10-year product warranty against any manufacturing defects.



solar module - Polycrystalline PCAL Series (72 Cells)

Poly Perc Twin Cell Series (72 Full Cells) (335Wp to 360Wp)

Technical Details
solar module - Polycrystalline PCA Series (60 Cells)

MonoPerc Twin Cell Series (72 Full Cells) (375Wp to 415Wp)

solar module - Monocrystalline MCAL Series (72Cells)

Poly Crystalline Series (72 Cells) (300Wp to 350Wp)

solar module - monocrystalline MCA Series (60 Cells)

Poly Crystalline Series (60 Cells) (250Wp to 295Wp)

solar module - polycrystalline PCA Off Grid Small Series

Mono Crystalline Series (72 Cells) (350Wp to 385Wp)

solar module - monocrystalline MCA Off Grid Small Series

Mono Crystalline Series (60 Cells) (250Wp to 315Wp)