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We offer a range of solar kit that are pre-designed and pre-engineered packages ready to install at site for solar integrators and solar EPC companies.

Our solar kit are available in various combinations to meet various kinds of solar applications such as On grid / grid tie / battery less / hybrid / pumping / lighting / etc.  

The solar kit comes with our very high efficiency solar modules which offer various advantages such as higher solar energy harvest, a linear 25 years warranty, IP67 junction box, ARC coating, etc.  There is a wide choice and rating of solar inverters from our IGPB, IPCL, IPCT, IPCV series so that any kind of solar project such as on grid, hybrid, grid tie, etc are feasible with the combination.

Our solar kit are a solar expert’s first choice as they are optimally designed to deliver best energy harvest and  they take Lesser time in implementation of project.  Thus saving time and money for the solar integrator.  Due to a very detailed designing the systems deliver a very high performance output resulting in best customer satisfaction for the solar EPC company.

The components in these kits come with various international certifications and hence ensure peace of mind for the solar vendor

Of course these solar kit are backed with a 25 years warranty on the solar modules and the other components come with a standard warranty as well.

One Call Away

No Installation hassles

Avoid Reinventing the Wheel

Lesser Time in Implementation

Take it and Go

Quick Assembly

Ready to pick Packages

Dont worry about Fixing a Glitch



Solar Kit



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