Grid tie inverter (IGPB Series)

|||Grid tie inverter (IGPB Series)
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Novergy offers single phase and 3 phase grid tie inverter that give low voltage output resulting in very high efficiencies with more power generation from your solar system. Our grid tie inverter is based on MPPT (Maximum power point tracking) technology with 99% efficiency. Our grid tie inverters are packed with various features that include graphical LCD display, DC disconnect switch, RS485 communication, etc.

Novergy grid tie inverter do more than converting DC power output to required AC utility frequency and voltage. They come with 5 year warranty and 25 year design life and are certified by IEC/MNRE standards.

Novergy has delivered grid tie inverters to wide array of industries across geographies who have implemented solar solutions.

grid tie inverter benefit - Multi MPPT

Multi MPPT

grid tie inverter benefit - Waterproof Connection

Waterproof Connection

grid tie inverter benefit - Outdoor Type Design (IP65/IP55)

Outdoor Type Design (IP65/IP55)

grid tie inverter benefit -DC-AC Conversion Peak Efficiency upto 99%

DC-AC Conversion Peak Efficiency upto 99%

grid tie inverter benefit - Graphical LCD Display

Graphical LCD Display

grid tie inverter benefit - MPPT* Efficiency > 99.9%

MPPT Efficiency > 99.9%

grid tie inverter benefit - DC Disconnection switch integrated

DC Disconnection switch integrated



grid tie inverter - GPB Series (3 Phase) 6kw to 67kw

IGPB Series (3 Phase)
6kw to 67kw

grid tie inverter - IGPB Series (Single Phase) 1kw to 5kw

IGPB Series (Single Phase)
1kw to 5kw