Novergy’s solar traffic lights are suitable for providing traffic signalling or highway blinker application without having to rely on electric grid. These lights are robust, long lasting, patented and proven technology solution.

These lights come with Very high efficiency crystalline solar panels from Novergy.  The light is provided by LED technology assuring longetivity and reliable performance over many years.  Further the batteries used in these lights are heavy duty solar grade batteries giving reliable backup to the solar traffic lights.

Since the last several years they have been in use for traffic management at various locations.

They are backed by a standard warranty to assure peace of mind.

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solar traffic lights - Battery Bank

Battery Bank

solar traffic lights - Digital Countdown Timers

Digital Countdown Timers

solar traffic lights - BOS items like Pole, wiring, etc.

BOS items like Pole, wiring, etc.

solar traffic lights - Slave Controller (with optional GPRS monitoring)

Slave Controller (with optional GPRS monitoring)

solar traffic lights - Master Traffic Controller

Master Traffic Controller

solar traffic lights - Solar power supply system

Solar power supply system

solar traffic lights - Traffic Signal Light Heads (LED based)

Traffic Signal Light Heads (LED based)


  • LED based solar traffic lights confirm to all the specifications related to Road Traffic signals.

  • Programmable day and night dimming of solar traffic lights conserve energy without having any impact on the visibility to the users.

  • Automated scheduled technical reports are e-mailed which can be used to analyze and prevent any potential faults in the solar traffic lights system even before they occur.

  • Robust 2-wire communication between the Traffic controller and solar traffic signals posts reduces the cabling by over 80% as compared to the conventional traffic signals.

  • Automated alarm e-mails and SMS are sent to authorized persons in case of any defect in the solar traffic signals system which ensures fastest possible response time for/rectification work.

  • The solar traffic lights have a very long life thanks to the polycarbonate casings which are 100% UV resistant and weather proof. The above features result in a system which has almost Zero downtime.

  • Patented 32 bit microprocessor based controller provides very high processing power and a host of advanced features & GPRS/Wireless communication with control room enables remote monitoring and control of the solar traffic light system.


solar traffic lights - pic1

Solar Traffic Lights