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Novergy’s solar aviation and navigation lights are an integrated product containing the solar cell, lithium battery and intelligent controller in a single unit.  We offer 2 models to meet different viewing requirements with range upto 5 nautical miles.  The lithium LiFePO battery has a very long duration backup of upto 18 days so as to cover any weather conditions.  They also come with a bird spike so as to prevent bird droppings from covering the solar cell surface area.

They come with a wireless remote to change the light flashing patterns .  These models have an option to choose from more than 200 different light flashing modes.  It is also possible to choose the Light output color at time of ordering.  The NSWL 450 also comes with an optional GPS synchronization feature if required.

The NSWL series of products are suitable for use in variety of applications such as Telecom towers, Marine navigation,  high rise building top, chimney top, cooling tower top and other such obstruction , aviation and navigational lighting requirements.

These solar aviation and navigation lights are having IP67 enclosure and built with UV stabilized polycarbonate.  Hence they can be used in very harsh environmental conditions such as marine, snow, desert, remote sites, etc.

The solar aviation lights are meant for worry free application, compatible to the ICAO Medium Intensity Specification and FAA Classification, with automatic operation.

They come with a 2 years standard warranty.

NSWL 250


Led technology
Long service life of 100,000 hours

It works with solar energy
No separate power supply is required

The light output may be in a 5 colors – red / green / blue / amber / white –

choose one according to your requirements, local regulations.

Automatic operation

Based on light illumination

EEPROM technology: the light

Fl operates with the same settings even after changing the battery.

Integrated intelligent software for

A automatic operation, low battery warning.

The battery can be charged by pulse mode

High quality LiFePO4 rechargeable battery

rechargeable battery

Up to 18 days battery life

Remote control to change the LED

illumination level and the flashing pattern

UV stabilized polycarbonate body –

suitable for the marine environment

Bird-diverting bird

NSWL 450

It works with solar energy:

You do not need a source of Separate feed

Bird-diverting bird

Automatic operation

Based on light illumination

Up to 25 days of battery life

Led technology.

Long service life of 100,000 hours

Integrated intelligent software for

Automatic operation, battery Low warning.

Synchronous operation Based on GPS (optional)

EEPROM technology – light works

With the same configuration included

After Battery is changed

LiFePO4 resistant

rechargeable battery

Remote control to change LED

Illumination level and pattern flicker


Solar Navigation / Marine / Aviation Lighting (NSWL-250)


Solar Navigation / Marine / Aviation Lighting (NSWL-450)