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Novergy offers solar light for street and area lighting based on the most reliable and LED technology delivering illumination for a very long time.   These are having very high efficiency solar panels and maintenance free batteries .

Available in centralized as well as decentralized versions to suit different site and client requirements.  Decentralized models provide the advantage of reducing any additional electrical cabling cost for reaching remote or distant locations requiring lighting.  Further these models come with automatic dusk to dawn feature thus allowing autonomous operation without requiring any human intervention on a daily basis. Centralized solar light are more suited to sites where there are existing lights and poles installed.   Independent pole type solar powered street lights are available in wattages starting from 7w and going upwards upto 120w.  Higher wattage models can be offered in centralized type lighting solutions.

Novergy solar light carries sufficient reserve to cater to any weather situation such as rains and fog.

Our solar light are being used across cities, townships, etc to illuminate city roads, lanes, colonies, pathways, highways providing much needed illumination and visibility without relying on grid power. These solar lighting solutions are financially very rewarding as they not only come with low initial investment but continue to payback in terms of energy savings accrued over time.

We witness greater environmental awareness, solar powered street lights are a definitive way to go green and become sustainable.

These lights are backed by our standard warranty thus ensuring complete peace of mind for the customer.

Based on latest LED technology

Maintenance free battery (No need for topping up)

Centralized type solar lighting system option also available

Solar powered – No need for any other power supply source or electrical cabling

With very high efficiency solar modules

Automatic dusk to dawn operation (or Timer options)

White light (better visual perception as compared to yellow lights)

Made with heavy Aluminium die-cast body for better heat dissipation and longer life


Solar Light LED Based
(Street Light)