Novergy IPCV solar hybrid inverter offer advanced flexibility & functionality in a single product.   Hence removing the need to have multiple types of inverter to meet different power, load, grid and solar conditions.

These solar hybrid inverter have the capability to serves multiple purposes i.e. on-grid inverter, off-grid inverter, on-grid with battery backup, etc.   Further they serve as a UPS also for sites requiring uninterrupted power.

They are available in power ratings from 2kw onwards in single phase.   3 phase models are available in 10kw rating.  The IPCV 10kw has a capability to be connected in parallel to cater to larger loads such as 20kw or 30kw.  The IPCV series solar hybrid inverter have various advanced features such as Graphic LCD display, batteryless operation, UPS mode operation.   In fact they have a high DC to AC efficiency of 96% thus ensuring more solar power is delivered to the loads.   A USB port is provided on these solar hybrid inverter to allow a user to view the inverter parameters on a local computer.

They come with in built intelligence to optimize the solar energy usage and hence reduce grid usage as well as export any surplus power when the loads are less and battery is charged.  For sites where it is not feasible to install a battery bank immediately they allow the system to operate without a battery bank also.

Backed by a standard warranty they ensure peace of mind for the customer.

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hybrid solar inverter IPCV series benefit long backup

Back Up for Longer Durations

hybrid solar inverter IPCV series solar priority

Reduces Electricity Bills with Solar Priority

hybrid solar inverter IPCV series respond power failure

Responds to Power Failure Right Away

hybrid solar inverter IPCV series multi mode operation

Multi-Mode Operation in Single Unit

hybrid solar inverter IPCV series LCD display

LCD Display for Real-Time Power Tracking

hybrid solar inverter IPCV series reliable and safe

Reliable and Safe with Efficiency Up to 96%


hybrid solar inverter IPCV series - sub image

IPCV Series
2kw, 3kw, 4kw (Single Phase) and
5kw to 15kw (Three Phase)