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Novergy offers a range of solar pump for various kinds of pumping and irrigation requirements.  They are used for a variety of water pumping requirements such as farming, drinking water, lift irrigation, water supply in rural areas, community water requirements, etc.

We provide both monobloc surface as well as submersible solar pump.  There is a variety of power ratings available starting from as small as 0.5HP and going upto 200HP.   The submersible pumps are available in 2 variants, i.e. borewell and openwell.

Since these solar pump can operate independent of grid or genset, hence they are suitable to be deployed anywhere to get a reliable source of water supply.

Various kinds of advanced features such as MPPT technology and automatic on and off operation are integrated in these products .  In fact Novergy solar pumps offer the highest efficiency and longevity with its stainless steel construct.  Protection of the pump is taken care by means of added features such as dry run protection and surge protection.

These solar pump have been tested by reputed testing agencies such as UL , MNRE , etc.  to ensure that they deliver more water output.

They are backed by a 25 years warranty on the solar modules.  Other components in the solar pump also carry warranties.

The thousands of pumps which are running successfully across different countries and continents is a testimony to the high quality and reliability of these products.

solar pump benefit - batteryless operation

Battery less Operation

solar pump benefit - reliable water output

Reliable water output year on year

Smart and automatic for longer dawn to dusk operation

solar pump benefit - no dependence on grid

No dependence on erratic grid power or diesel. More savings

solar pump benefit - high efficiency pump

High Efficiency Motors(which consume less energy compared to normal pumps)

solar pump benefit - dry run protection

Dry run protection

solar pump benefit - AC and DC models available

AC as well as DC type Pumps are available

solar pump benefit - smart detector

Smart detector for Under voltage /overvoltage /short-circuit

solar pump benefit - MPPT based

Supports MPPT (to derive maximum power from your solar panels)

solar pump benefit - sturdy and long lasting

Sturdy and Long Lasting. (Made of stainless steel components like impellor, body and motor).








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