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Novergy offers solar lighting systems for a variety of applications.    Being powered by solar they offer complete independence from grid power and having to bring electrical networks to the consumption points.  All the products are based on LED (Light emitting Diode) so as to achieve reliable light output for years to come.

Solar street and area lighting solutions are available in centralized and decentralized versions.  The decentralized versions operate as a complete unit by themselves since they have the solar module, battery and controller for each system independently.   Centralized solar lighting systems are more suitable for places where lights exist and customer desires to power them with solar.

Navigation and aviation lights are meant for critical applications such as Tower top, chimney top, marine navigation, etc where the it is necessary to have independently powered solar lighting systems with reliable light output for such critical applications.  These models come in an integrated with solar cell, Lithium battery and an intelligent controller in built.

Solar road markers are meant for locations where an independent solar powered solution is required to make the roads or pathways safer without having to draw long electric lines.

Traffic signalling solutions are meant for urban or semi urban areas where the signalling system is required to be powered by solar so as to ensure uninterrupted power to the signalling controller and system.

All solar lighting solutions are based on Very high efficiency solar technology by Novergy.  They are backed by warranties.


Novergy solar street lights based on the most reliable and long lasting LED technology with automatic dusk to dawn operation.

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Novergy solar Aviation and navigation lights are an integrated unit with solar cell, Lithium battery and LED lights.  They are meant for critical applications and compatible to the ICAO standards.

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Novergy solar Road Marker are integrated products with in built solar cells, battery and LED lights.  They are available with option of single side or double side lighting.

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Novergy traffic signal’s are robut, Patented and well proven technology already in use at various location 

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Novergy Solar Energy Lighting Brick system consists of a modular self contained lighting service that can be used

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