Solar parks are crucial to achieving a sustainable energy future. These parks are on the verge of transforming energy landscapes and bringing about an era of abundant renewable energy. By utilizing innovation, policy support, and responsible practices, solar parks hold the key to a cleaner, brighter, and more sustainable tomorrow.

Novergy Solar offers a range of renewable energy solutions, such as solar parks, ground-mounted solar, behind-the-meter solar, rooftop solar systems, solar parking systems, and floating solar. Our experienced team can help with site evaluation, feasibility studies, installation, and ongoing maintenance.

A solar park is a concentrated area for solar power generation projects that provides developers with well-characterized infrastructure, amenities, and reduced project risks.

At Novergy, we prioritize your needs and preferences.


Solar off-site is the right option in many cases. Some of them are given below: –

  1. Insufficient space within premises = When there is not sufficient space inside the factory/premises of clients. Eg. Clients who have a very large power consumption but limited space will find solar off-site to be the ideal option
  2. Special chemical zones = In some areas with chemical fumes and dusty conditions. Here the solar installation will yield very poor results. Hence installing the same capacity in other locations will give the benefit of better solar harvest as high as up to 50% and more reliable long-term performance.
  3. Policy and regulatory limitations = In some states, there is a limitation on the solar capacity that can be installed within premises. Eg. Gujarat allows solar installation of up to 1MWac only. Hence, off-site is a very good option to install large capacity and achieve electricity savings and green energy.
  4. Other reasons = In some cases, the management may be planning to shift some machines from one location to another. Here the off-site option allows the future transfer very easily.



  • Green Open Access Regulations by Govt of India in 2022 and various state governments implementing their iteration of the same
  • Banking Facility allows energy adjustment during different times of the day/month/year
  • Waiver of Surcharges in case of captive and group captive
  • Exemptions in some open access charges when taking power through solar (Conditions apply)
  • Better solar energy harvest due to ideal conditions for solar in chosen locations of higher solar radiation.


  • Assuredness of 16+ years
  • Vast experience of working with various corporate, industrial, and business clients.
  • Technology leader with Provenness and reliability on the field.
  • Variety of solar solutions to cater to any business requirements.
  • Single window solution including land , transmission infra, government approvals, liasoning, etc.
  • Pan India’s presence and exports to more than 30 countries


Captive – In this case the customer makes the full investment as a capex and the plant is owned by the client. Novergy takes care of the Operation, maintenance and also complete government liasoning and transmission infra. Customers can claim accelerated depreciation benefits and also GST input. Customers get exemption from ASS and CS surcharges in wheeling charges applied by DISCOM.

Deferred capex (monthly payments) – Here the customer makes an initial smaller investment and the rest of the project cost is converted into monthly payments spread over several years. The best part is that customers can achieve solar with very less investment and start enjoying benefits. After the completion of monthly payment tenure, the solar plant is transferred fully to the client at residual value. Customers can claim accelerated depreciation benefits and also GST input. Customers get exemption from ASS and CS surcharges in wheeling charges applied by DISCOM.

Group Captive – In this case the client enters into PPA / ESA with Noverrgy. Later a special company (SPV) is formed and customers take 26% equity as per CERC guidelines (70:30 debt equity ratio) . Rest all equity and debt / investment is managed by Novergy and Customers get exemption from ASS and CS surcharges in wheeling charges applied by DISCOM (Conditions apply).

Third party – In this case the client enters into a PPA / ESA agreement with Noverrgy. All equity and debt / investment is managed by Novergy and customers get solar green energy over the tenure of PPA.


  • Clean Energy Generation Energy Independence
  • Job Creation in local communities, contributing to economic growth. Low Operating and Maintenance Costs:
  • Reduce electric bills and Increase Profits Energy Independence:
  • Their environmentally friendly nature reduces carbon emissions Achieves sustainability and Green goals
  • Reduced Land Use Conflict Rural Development Technological Advancements Community Engagement.
  • Incentives and Rebates:
  • Reduced Transmission Losses
  • Raising awareness about the potential of renewable energy sources.