Novergy IPCK series of hybrid inverter are one step ahead for best optimization of your energy harvest from your solar system.  They are suitable for various kinds of site conditions where a battery backup is required.

IPCK hybrid inverter is available in various power ratings ranging from 1kw to 100kw.   The models 1kw to 10kw deliver single phase AC output.   The higher power models generate 3 phase AC power.

These Solar hybrid inverter deliver pure sine wave output and hence are suitable for various kinds of loads and also mixed loads including inductive and reactive loads, lights, fans, computers, air conditions, etc.  They also include a host of features and technologies such as MPPT (Maximum power point tracking) based solar charging, advanced priority logic for using solar energy first, integrated grid charger, etc.  A large multi line LCD display showing various parameters on the front allows the user to view solar, battery, grid, conditions.  They are having a galvanic isolation transformer to ensure reliability and safety of AC loads and devices connected to the inverter.  Protection features are incorporated in these hybrid inverter to ensure protection of loads and the main circuit.  They have high surge capability of upto 200% so as to meet startup power requirements of devices like motors, pumps.

Backed by a 2 years warranty to ensure peace of mind for the user.

They have been deployed in a wide variety of solar sites across diverse geographies and varied applications such as offices, hospitals, petrol stations, schools, colleges, universities.

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UPS Function

2 Years Warranty

Pure Sinewave output

High surge capability

Higher DC-AC efficiency

In-built mains/grid charger

MCBs fan Solar, AC & Battery Integrated

Solar MPPT charger (Maximum power point tracker)

Programmability allows user to set various parameters

Large LCD display showing all system and input / Output parameters

Higher efficiency results in more power output delivered to loads

Advanced priority logic for using solar energy first and to maximum extent possible

Galvanic isolation between input and ouput Various Protections on input, output & battery


IPCK Series 1 (1kw to 10kw)