Novergy Solar offers a variety of solar solutions that include ground mounted solar power plant and solar rooftop systems. The capacity of these solutions can range from a few hundred KW to a few MW. These solutions can be utilized for augmenting existing power sources or can be implemented for 100% captive use or unused power generated via solar can be fed back into the grid.

We have delivered a large number of Solar Power Plant and Solar Rooftop Systems over the years. By virtue of this experience of solar power plant & rooftop systems manufacturing with varied businesses, we have acquired professional expertise. We put these skills to good use to help our customers meet their unique challenges and specific goals.

Our portfolio of extremely satisfied customers acquired over the years is a source for pride and inspiration. We continue to manufacture a large number of solar power plant and solar rooftop systems across several industries, factories, offices, R&D centers, hospitals, educational institutions, hotels, NGOs, government premises, transport infrastructures, telecom sites, oil & gas locations, etc.

No challenge is too tough for us as we are competent and ready to take on extremely challenging and difficult Solar Power Plant and Solar Rooftop Systems manufacturing initiatives. We work tirelessly with our customers who demand the most stringent safety, execution and performance standards set forth by them.

We take pride in enabling our customers to realize a quick and reliable Return on Investment making us an ideal solution partner

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17 years and counting

Integrated player (Manufacturer + EPC solution provider) ensures best customer experience and most optimal solar system design and performance

Highest efficiency solar technology in INDIA

More solar power per sq mtr

Remote monitoring capability

Higher energy generation for the same KW rated solar system (Upto 58% already proven in field)