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Solar Cell Solar Panel Difference

People often get confused between a solar cell and solar panel or solar module.   To understand this difference we must first understand the solar chain in brief. Basically the solar module is a final product.  It consists of various components apart from the active solar portion, such as glass, frame, encapsulant, junction box, backsheet, etc. The [...]

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Solar Pumping

One of the popular and widespread applications of solar photovoltaic technology is in pumping application.   The beauty of this application is that it allows anyone located in any corner of the world to be able to pump water either from ground or rivers, dams, other sources. Solar pumping may be used for irrigation, drinking [...]

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Solar lighting system

It is well known that Solar technology is used for various applications and to provide power generation source for low power consumption applications such as solar lighting. The solar lighting system typically consists of following components ; Solar Photovoltaic modules or cells (depending on the power rating) Solar controller LED / lighting controller Luminaire [...]

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Solar Inverter

The Solar inverter is an essential component in most solar photovoltaic systems.  They serve multiple purposes including converting the DC power coming from solar Photovoltaic modules into usable AC power compatible with the local grid. Nowadays Solar inverters (Sometimes also called as Solar PCU) have many more features apart from a single DC to AC [...]

Solar busbar and fingers explained

Silicon solar cells are metallized with thin strips printed on front and rear of a solar cell. These front and rear contact strips are referred to as busbars. The purpose of busbars in solar cells is to conduct the electric DC power generated by the cell when photons hit the cells. These contacts - the [...]

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Why is MPPT technology beneficial

MPPT technology has become very popular in solar electronics and is, in fact, the de-facto standard for on-grid / string inverters. MPPT stands for Maximum Power Point Tracking. MPPT is basically an algorithm and implemented through a combination of software and electronics hardware in any inverter or solar controller. It helps in ensuring that [...]

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Best Solar Module Technology

Technology Monocrystalline Polycrystalline / Multicrystalline Image Solar cell image     Visual identification Monocrystalline solar panels are quite easily recognizable by an external even coloring and uniform look and usually a black or deep dark blue color of the solar cells. Further they usually have the small cut on the corners of the solar [...]

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Accelerated Depreciation Benefit

Solar power is being promoted in corporates and private sector by Govt of India through Tax relief by allowing them to avail higher rate of depreciation more often termed as accelerated depreciation / AD Benefit, under section 32 of Income Tax act. Accelerated depreciation is only a method of depreciation used for accounting or [...]

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