It is a known fact that globally, industrial and commercial plants are one of the biggest consumers of electricity and are highly dependent on fossil fuels. These high-grade electricity consumption rates are a big catalyst for the carbon emissions and a major contributor to climate change. Over the past few years, we have witnessed dramatic changes in weather patterns that are wreaking havoc on mankind and disrupting our world – on both personal and business level.

These events are catastrophic to human life and often lead to longer power outages. Due to which, organisations have to rely on other sources like diesel generators. These DG sets run on fuel which is an exhaustible resource and a costly affair. That is why solar energy is opening new avenues to generate power and expanding its use cases.

Therefore, clean energy integrations such as solar energy can be a valuable resource to curb the adverse effects of climate change without contaminating the plants and facility. As per the research conducted by International Energy Agency (IEA), it is projected that the solar-powered installations will contribute to 45% of the world’s energy supply by 2050.

Considering the generous energy demands which modern commercial and industrial plants have, BIPV could be a sure-shot way to create self-sustained buildings. Now, even bigger players in the industry are aiming to become carbon negative companies. In that feat, Microsoft has pledged to go green by 2030 and eliminate all the carbon emissions it created since it was founded. And Google announced that it will be investing in solar farms with a collective capacity of 413 megawatts to power its cloud service.

This migration from local grid to solar can immensely transform the processes and operations of businesses. For instance, the manufacturing sector utilizes a great deal of electricity to run its production, which in turn results in massive overheads expenses. Solar panels can enable you in the following ways;

  • Make your facility self-reliant and free from local grids.
  • Mitigate the mounting electricity bills.
  • Revamp your buildings and increase its visual appeal.
  • Help you accelerate and adopt sustainable practices.
  • Conserve unused energy.
  • Aid you in getting green-building certifications.
  • Make your organization socially responsible and ethical.
  • Eliminate carbon footprint.
  • Earn you tax and subsidy incentives given by the government and authorities.

Furthermore, these commercial facilities and buildings often have plenty of roof space, wide facades and lots of windows where you can install panels in a myriad of applications. To ensure enhanced sun exposure, solar panels installation should be oriented to the south. Industrial and commercial facilities reflect no limitations in their architectural designs and do not have any space-constraints. Furthermore, these solar installations also have less chances of degradation and low production because of shading.

Building Integrated PhotoVoltaics (BIPV) – A futuristic approach

Gone are the days when the old utility-scale panels had a global influence and dominance. The future of photovoltaic is aesthetically appealing, colorful, innovative and competent. Apart from its remarkable looks, it can incredibly reduce the cost of construction materials, meaning it can be integrated into your building as shingles, roofing coverage, tiles, windows, facades, canopies and much more.

The functions and benefits of BIPV solar panels are as follows:

  • Generating on-site endless electricity for your building.
  • Can be utilized as an enveloping materia
  • Protect you from extreme weather effects.
  • Have acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Eliminate the use of fossil fuels and does not add to ozone depletion.
  • Imitate the conventional building materials and can be personalised as per the requirements of installations.

Commercial property owners should consider this migration from traditional electricity to sustainable energy as a profitable investment rather than an expense. As BIPV integration can drastically increase the ROI, the money you will save in the initial period will surpass the upfront costs.

With that said, you can control your operating expenses i.e. electricity bills. You don’t have to be worried about the fluctuating and surging commercial electricity unit rates, this way you can effectively plan your budgets. Moreover, it also enhances your brand image in the market – employees, stakeholders and customers will get a positive message from your green building.

Way Forward with Novergy

Over the years, Novergy Solar has established itself as a reliable partner for architects, building designers, and professionals. We intently  collaborate with them to introduce the most notable and efficient photovoltaic panels that can be assimilated into their initiatives.

With more than 14 years of expertise and an excellent record of success,  we are among one of India’s best BIPV manufacturers. We provide a diverse range of BIPV (Building integrated Photovoltaics) that can be easily incorporated into architectural design, walls, canopy, balcony, windows, car parking, rooftops, and so on. Our BIPV solar panels come in a variety of colours, translucency, dimensions, and thicknesses.

BIPVs on commercial buildings require little maintenance and hardly produce any noise. The architecture of commercial properties, in most situations makes them easily approachable. The cells are shielded by tempered glass and encapsulated by non-corrosive aluminium or glass frames. They are engineered to survive pretty much any weather-related risks that you can think of.

In broad sense, the solar cells in the panels hardly become non-operational or unproductive. Our solar solutions are backed with with a 25-year warranty, which implies once clients install solar panels on their properties, they will be  be generating their own renewable energy for at least 25 years or more, with a model that would be just as operable and, in many cases, more credible than that of the utilities providers.

Lastly, BIPV is the best of the best world – it makes your building sustainably beautiful while giving you a chance to build your own powerhouse. Explore our wide range of solar solutions and switch to solar with Novergy today!