The world is constantly looking for more sustainable sources of energy, and the latest development in this effort to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels is the solar panel canopy. Solar canopies are a revolutionary way to bring renewable energy production into the public spaces we use every day, such as parking lots. By taking advantage of unused space, solar canopies harness the power of the sun to generate electricity.

Solar panel canopies are rapidly becoming popular for businesses and public places to take advantage of the sun’s rays to power their vehicles. As more people become aware of the potential benefits that these solar canopies offer, there is growing interest in how they will shape the future of modern parking lots.

What is Solar Panel Canopy?

Commercial solar parking canopies are typically seen in malls and other locations with lots of parking, as was already indicated. Customers are given a shaded parking space and protection from the elements thanks to solar-powered canopies for parking spaces.

The carport, also known as a canopy, is an excellent place for a charging station and will protect the automobile or truck. A business owner or industrialist might decide to add a solar panel canopy to their existing solar array or choose a solar parking canopy instead of a roof or ground mount installation. 

Why Pick Solar Canopies For Parking Lots?

Why Pick Solar Canopies For Parking Lots?

A commitment to becoming more environmentally responsible is one of many reasons why businesses could decide to install solar panels in parking lots. Others include an excellent visitor parking experience and devotion to clients and bystanders.

So here are some advantages to buying solar canopies for parking:

  • Substantial energy savings
  • Lower costs for maintaining parking lots
  • Decrease in carbon footprint
  • Utilizing space effectively
  • Easy integration of EV chargers

These kinds of solar panel canopies illustrate how to increase renewable energy sources outside. Another advantage that should be emphasised is that they maximise the use of the currently available land.

Are Commercial Solar Canopies Worth It?

This is a valid question for business owners looking to reduce their carbon footprint while saving money on their energy bills. Solar canopies are attractive because they provide shade and generate renewable energy. However, it’s essential to consider the benefits and drawbacks of investing in these canopies before deciding.

  • Commercial solar canopies have several advantages over traditional rooftop solar panels, including the ability to shield vehicles from the elements.
  • Free up space on rooftops for other purposes.
  • Allow for creative designs that easily blend into the environment. 
  • They often require less maintenance than rooftop solar panels since they are sheltered from rain and wind damage. 
  • On top of this, some companies may also be eligible for tax credits or other incentives if they install a canopy system.

Top Benefits of Solar Panel Canopies:

Top Benefits of Solar Panel Canopies

1. Usage of Energy is Required

Because they are less reliant on the grid for their electricity, facilities that use independent energy sources, such as solar PV, use fewer fossil fuels. 30% of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions come from buildings in the commercial sectors, of which 18% are related to electricity use and around 13% to the direct burning of fossil fuels for heating and cooling.

Using renewable energy to chip away at these figures can help the environment and provide more sustainable corporate operation models.

Even after the sun sets, the power need not remain on. Solar PVs may continue to produce energy when the sun goes down, thanks to battery storage, providing buildings with the ability they need to function. While some companies might want to adopt net metering, which entails feeding extra solar energy into the grid, other companies might decide to store that energy for later use. Costs for electricity can be decreased either way.

2. Reduced Electricity Prices

Lower electric bill payments result from reduced on-grid power consumption. Most businesses value saving money, and solar energy can help them. Commercial property owners save up to 75% on energy costs on average, according to research. Power purchase agreements (PPAs) also assist many facility owners in implementing solar energy without requiring them to invest their own money in these solutions, allowing them to benefit less.

The improved financial savings from reduced electricity usage can quickly offset the upfront costs of installing solar power, demonstrating how this investment can swiftly show its worth.

3. Improved Customer Experience

Customers and other visitors value the convenience of having a shaded, secure place to leave their cars, which could boost their opinion of the establishment. Rooftop solar parking lots can save business money. They can even do the same for parking lot patrons by keeping their cars cool during the warmer months and minimising the need to run the air conditioner for as long as they might need to.

Running a vehicle’s air conditioning during extremely hot weather can reduce its fuel economy by 25%. This effect can be even more pronounced for people who drive hybrids or electric vehicles. Visitors may be more drawn to a business if shaded parking options are used to counteract this phenomenon because they will realise that the owner puts their comfort above all else.

People value having the option to park in shaded spaces in hot weather, and these solar canopies are still helpful in the winter. People can enter and exit their cars without getting wet or covered in snow, and they may be able to avoid weather-related car damage like hail.

4. Additional Profit From Covered Parking Spaces

Business owners that offer paid parking might charge more for covered solar parking spaces in addition to the cost savings brought on by reduced electricity use. Many might be ready to pay more for the convenience of shaded parking to help shield their automobiles from the elements.

Solar carports can also improve a company’s curb appeal, which may persuade clients to pay extra for parking. They could be more inclined to believe a business that presents well will give them value for their money.

Reasons to Choose Novergy for Solar Parking

The benefits of a solar-powered parking lot include shade, sustainability, and improved financial performance. Parking lot owners can benefit from superior hail protection in addition to these benefits by utilising Novergy solutions.

Novergy can build solar parking canopies and can help you utilize your idle space in your commercial premise. 

Having more than 15 years of experience and specialising in BIPV and solar twin-cell panels Novergy can be your ideal partner for solar energy with a 100% on-time project completion rate.

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