In the world of energy, especially the solar market, Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) are rapidly becoming omnipresent and is widely used to replace conventional building materials in roofs and skylights. BIPV are basically photovoltaic materials which are incorporated into the construction of new buildings as a principal source of power.

The advantage of integrating BIPV into existing building materials is that the initial operating cost can be positively affected by reducing the amount that is spent on conventional raw materials. Another benefit of utilizing BIPV over common non-integrated systems is the significant reduction in labour that would normally be used to construct parts of the building, which would eventually be replaced by the BIPV modules.

The solar BIPV modules are popular among architects, building consultants and planners to build more sustainable and eco-friendly buildings without compromising on architectural designs. BIPV has become one of the fastest growing segments of the photovoltaic industry. BIPV can be used in a range of applications such as facades, rooftop canopies and balconies. BIPV modules also help in Green Building or GRIHA and reduce the solar heat gain on the building and hence reduce the temperature of the building which results in lower consumption of air conditioners.

Among the several types of BIPV solar modules, the Double glass PV module series is the most widely used. It is available in different colours, dimensions, and shapes and is perfect for housing and commercial buildings as it provides the right amount of opaqueness.

As far as the efficiency factor is concerned, it is important to purchase a high-quality BIPV module that can perform well in all kinds of project requirements as well as low light conditions. Some exceptional solar BIPV modules can generate power as well as reduce heat loss.

With the world moving towards greater environmental sustainability and eco-friendly products, it is necessary to re-evaluate our energy producing sources and the best way forward is the solar way!

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