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Linear warranty in solar module explained

Most solar panels carry a 25 years warranty. This warranty is intended to protect and secure the solar panel customer’s investment so that he gets the desired returns and performance from the solar system. Although high quality solar panels are a very rugged and reliable product designed to withstand very harsh outdoor conditions like [...]

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Net metering and gross metering in Solar power systems

What is Net metering? Net metering is a type of metering methodology commonly used in solar systems in many countries around the globe.  It allows residential and commercial customers of utility grid power to implement solar on-grid batteryless systems without having to worry what do with the extra power. Because net metering allows them to [...]

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Parameter Consideration points Technology selection One of the first points in choosing the right solar panel is to make a selection from the range of solar photovoltaic technologies. There are 2 predominant technology categories today for solar photovoltaic panels. (a)   Crystalline silicon.  This has 2 further sub-categories i.e. Mono crystalline and Poly crystalline (Multi crystalline) [...]

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Solar panel PID

What is PID (Potential Induced Degradation)? Potential induced degradation (also called PID) is a performance degradation in crystalline solar PV modules, induced by potential (voltage). This effect may cause power loss in the power rating of a solar panel by up to 40 percent. The cause of the harmful leakage currents, besides the structure of the solar cell, [...]

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Introduction  Solar on-grid inverters are today the most popular inverter topology for solar systems.  They are basically solar inverters which have a solar controller (usually MPPT nowadays) plus a conversion section and then a synchronizing and control section to regulate and manage the AC Output power being generated. Solar power system installers and owners often [...]

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Technology Monocrystalline Polycrystalline / Multicrystalline Image Solar cell image Visual identification Monocrystalline solar panels are quite easily recognizable by an external even coloring and uniform look and usually a black or deep dark blue color of the solar cells. Further they usually have the small cut on the corners of the solar cells resulting in [...]

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Which is better in solar – DC or AC ?

Solar photovoltaic technology works on DC power.  So basically the power coming out of a solar PV panel is pure DC (Direct current) power.  The DC power coming from a solar panel is unregulated power , and hence it can not be used directly for any useful application.  We do need some kind of electronic [...]

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Solar Panel Cleaning

Preamble Solar technology is gaining popularity in many applications such as Rooftop systems, power plants, pumping systems, street lighting systems, etc. One of the important aspects to be kept in mind is the continuous maintenance of the system.  An important point is the regular cleaning of solar panels. The solar panel has a toughened [...]

Solar Cell Solar Panel Difference

People often get confused between a solar cell and solar panel or solar module.   To understand this difference we must first understand the solar chain in brief. Basically the solar module is a final product.  It consists of various components apart from the active solar portion, such as glass, frame, encapsulant, junction box, backsheet, etc. The [...]

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Solar Pumping

One of the popular and widespread applications of solar photovoltaic technology is in pumping application.   The beauty of this application is that it allows anyone located in any corner of the world to be able to pump water either from ground or rivers, dams, other sources. Solar pumping may be used for irrigation, drinking [...]

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