There is no denying that conventional way of producing electricity not only costs us in monetary terms but also costs the environment. Its continuous dependence on external non-renewable resources like fossil fuels and oil takes a toll on the environment. However, the situation is not grave as technology is continually advancing, and there are industries dedicated to discovering more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

From one of those solutions, solar energy has evolved as a staple resource for electricity across the world. Owing to its numerous benefits, it has become a worldwide energy solution. It is being integrated into residential, commercial and industrial areas at a very fast pace because it is efficient, cost-effective and does not exhaust the resources of our planet.

Solar lighting is one of the outdoor lighting systems which is being used in the parking lot, streets, pathways, and signage lights. It is a well-suited and reliable option for illuminating public areas. Solar lights are gaining popularity because of its numerous benefits – It is water-resistant, weatherproof, has low glare and low insect attraction rate. It can save up to 30% of your monthly electricity costs. It significantly reduces the dependence on the conventional way of lighting meaning that you don’t have to worry about trenching and wiring.

It is comprised of PV panels, in-built battery, LED light and smart sensors – everything rolled into one compact unit. Solar energy falls on the panels and gets stored in a rechargeable battery and automatically turned on at night. The light is turned on by an in-built smart sensor and controller.

Solar lighting in IT parks and business complexes 

IT industry runs 24X7 in India, and it is dependent on grid electricity for the energy consumption needs, which makes the operating cost very high. IT parks and business complexes in India can be profoundly benefited by implementing solar energy. The operating cost can be brought down by installing in-house solar lighting sources. There are a lot of financial benefits in the long run as it will reduce your dependence on grid power. You can get great returns on your investment and drastically reduce your electricity bills. It will be a great initiative towards making your complexes and IT parks eco-friendly. Here are some benefits of solar lighting;

Benefits of Solar lighting

Eco-friendly Alternative: Solar lighting is an eco-friendly way of producing electricity, it is a great green alternative over traditional practices. It also reduces the carbon footprint without exhausting the non-renewable resources of the planet. It also helps you in earning green credentials for your building with LEED points. It gets energy from an inexhaustible source so there’s no fear of tomorrow. Solar adoption helps in pollution reduction and has many environmental benefits.

Cost-effective: Solar lighting might appear expensive at first, but you will start covering the installation cost in a few months and start saving on your electricity bills. You can also earn great ROI with net metering; use only the energy you need and get paid for what you don’t by transferring the extra electricity to the grid. Solar lights have low voltage so they are safer for installation and maintenance.

Less Maintenance: It is one of the easiest to be maintained, because it only requires occasional cleaning to get dust/obstructions off the panels, unlike traditional lighting which requires frequent checks and replacement of parts. Apart from day-to-day cleaning, there’s nothing much to do to get electricity.

Low-cost Installation: It can be easily installed on sites where grid power is unattainable and a costly affair. Trenching, underground utilities and root systems do not act as a barrier in solar lighting. Since it pulls power from the Sun for illumination, there is no cost involved like traditional lighting where an underground conduit is required from the main power source to produce electricity.

Flexibility: Solar lights are not subject to burnout and blackout in odd weather conditions. Due to their sturdy and sophisticated design, they can shine without seeing the sun for a week. They will keep illuminating the streets irrespective of grid failures. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors to fit your needs and aesthetics.

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Our solar street lights and road signage lights are designed for reducing reliance on expensive and unreliable grid power. We also provide lighting solutions in the aviation, navigation and marine industries.

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