If you are on a quest for a reliable and the best solar panels in India, one of the key metrics that you should take into account is their efficiency. To understand the productivity and to calculate the return on investment,panel efficiency is something you should measure before making a switch. Solar panel efficiency is measured by the amount of sunlight which falls on the panel and the conversion of that energy into useful electricity.

Nowadays, dealers face two main issues when they purchase standard panels – Panel degradation which results in drop in power output over a period of time.

Panel degradation happens because of UV exposure, weather cycles and lower quality of materials used.  Panel degradation is a long-term effect and does not appear so severely in the initial 2-3 years. But later the drop-in power output starts affecting system performance and solar energy harvest.

To cut through the competition, manufacturers use low-quality raw materials, Low grade solar cells, rejected lots of EVA and back sheet. They practise it to decrease the overall cost of the panel but there are several problems and failures which come along with that. Drop-in power output happens when manufacturers degrade the quality of panel and keep the price of their products low to get more customers. In that process, productivity goes for a toss and hampers the overall energy output of the panel. These two issues decrease the overall efficiency of the panel.

That’s where Novergy panels come into the picture; they don’t degrade at the same rate as standard panels. They have higher absorption capacity and internal reflectivity. Our panels are certified and tested to most reputed International standards such as TUV, UL, IEC, CE, MNRE, Clean Energy Council, etc

You can compare Novergy solar panels with standard panels in the same size and cell configuration. The rating of Novergy solar panel efficiency is now nearing 20%, while the standard panel has only around 16% efficiency. From this, it is quite evident that Novergy panels will create 40% more electricity than the standard ones. 20% efficiency ratings of Novergy crystalline technology is 4% more than the standard panels. It clearly qualifies Novergy as the top-notch and the most efficient solar panel provider. Our panels significantly help to maximize electricity production and reduce power bills.

Our solar panels are made of high-quality raw material under stringent international standards. They also have strong mechanical strength, meaning they are extremely responsive in low light conditions. They can withstand any weather situation i.e. snow loads and wind loads.

Two factors which help you to ascertain the efficiency of a solar panel are Cell Efficiency and Total Panel Efficiency.

Cell Efficiency

Cell efficiency can be identified by the design of the cell and base silicon material used. It is measured by the maximum conversion of a cell at the given optimum voltage. The silicon material used can either be N-type or P-type, depending on the design and the functionality. PERC is the most advanced solar panels in the solar industry as they get the best energy harvest. PERC cell maximizes power and performance of the overall module.

Monocrystalline is the purest form of silicon, if you use it in your panels, they will be rated most efficient. However, these silicon bases are expensive to produce. Our panels have 5 bus bar designs which enhance current transmission and increase module reliability.  Novergy offers solar panels from both polycrystalline and monocrystalline series.

Indirect benefits of Cell Efficiency

Another less known fact is that cell efficiency is a very good sign of the grade of cells coming out of the factory.  Usually top-grade cells have the best efficiencies and that is why it further has a lot of importance while choosing the solar panel.

Total Panel Efficiency

Panel efficiency depends on a number of panel designs, size and cell layout factors. Novergy panels are designed in a way that they need less space to function and to generate electricity. They have better temperature co-efficient; Novergy panels have a reduction in energy up to 0.37% while standard panels have 0.47%.

Efficiency is also determined by the type of back sheet and coating used on the solar panels. Novergy panel has an anti-reflective coating which helps it in absorbing more light and better energy output. Our cells have lower degradation as they are made of high-grade materials.

These panels are backed with a 25-years linear power output warranty and 10-years product warranty against any manufacturing defects.

All things considered

Novergy, with more than 12 years of experience is one of the top solar panel manufacturers and the most preferred choice. We provide the most efficient solar panels. We offer panels in both monocrystalline and polycrystalline technology with tailored cell configurations.

Models available

Novergy offers following types of models: –

Cell technology Popular Wattages offered
POLY crystalline 330w, 335w, 340w, 345w, 350w
MONO crystalline 380w, 395w, 400w, 405w, 410w, 415w


Novergy has been at the forefront of helping customers across industries solve their emerging power needs with trustworthy and reliable solar panel solutions. The performance of our solar panels has a proven record in achieving a better return on investment and ensuring solar output which exceeds client expectations. Visit novergysolar.com to explore our entire solar panel range.