Many industries today strive to reduce their carbon footprint and take steps to run entirely on renewable energy.

Off-site solutions enable them to achieve these sustainability objectives while guaranteeing savings for each solar energy unit acquired.

Industries with significant energy needs but no available roof or ground space for a solar plant on their premises can use off-site solar via the Open Access network to transmit solar power generated at a separate location.

Open access is for businesses and industries which do not have the space or high energy requirements to maintain their own facilities. By utilizing the option of Open Access even companies who do not have the space can have smooth access to Solar Power. 

These businesses and industries allow open access resources, such as space, equipment, and personnel, with other businesses and industries. This sharing of resources can lead to increased efficiency and productivity for all involved.

Our grid-connected Open Access plants are the perfect solution in this situation. 

Our clients depend on off-site solar to help them achieve their long-term energy transformation objectives, RPOs and cost savings.

Among many states where Novergy has constructed industrial panels. Our consumers receive electricity from these solar energy panels via the state-owned transmission network.

What is Open Access?

Large power users with linked loads of more than 1 MW can purchase substantially less expensive power from generators thanks to open Access (open market).

In comparison, traditional users have no other option for their electricity supply than the AREA DISCOM and do not influence the price. The electricity act of 2003 gave consumers with sanctioned loads of more than 1 MW the option to purchase electricity directly from generators, pay specific fees and taxes, and lower their electricity costs.

Open Access can be divided into the following categories depending on where the electricity producer and consumer are located:

Inter-State Open Access: The power producer and customer are from separate states and must follow CERC (Central Electricity Regulatory Commission) rules.

In intra-state open Access, the power producer and the user must abide by State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC) rules.

How Open Access Power Works

  • The power customer (off-taker) and the solar power project owned by Novergy enter a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).
  • Novergy planned and executed the entire project. Only in the captive model, following the necessary rules, is the electricity off-taker obligated to make an equity investment.
  • Under an open access route and for a predetermined tariff, the power is produced and sold to the off-taker.
  • Novergy can guarantee optimal generation without power outages thanks to real-time analytics and remote monitoring technologies.
  • Customers pay for the units they use, ensuring savings from the very first day of operation.

4 Advantages of Open Access Solar Power Systems-

  • Sustainability- One of the cleanest energy sources, solar power, has become a driving factor for many companies.
  • Source 100% more solar energy- Corporates may often source a very substantial portion of their power through solar with open Access solar power. (If you have a rooftop solar plant, you usually won’t have enough roof space to generate enough energy to cover the vast majority of your power use.)
  • No Space Still you can buy solar- People believe that because there is no space, they cannot have solar; this is a myth; you can have solar even if there is no space, as we have now brought the open access concept to you by providing the option.
  • Reduced Electricity Cost- The solar energy tariff is much lower than the cost of power from electricity.

How Does Novergy Work?

Novergy provides solar solutions which are long-lasting and customer-centric, implementation, and management, along with excellent customer support. 

Novergy is Solar Experts’ first choice as we are a one-stop solution from planning to design and execution. 

You can rely on our team for a worry-free experience and quality work.

What Does Novergy Provide

  • Using a green energy source allows the offtake to contribute to sustainability.
  • Staff with over 16 years of experience in open-access transaction structuring.
  • A track record of designing and launching solar power projects across India.
  • Solutions to complete the necessary paperwork and approvals to complete the open access transaction and send power to the off-door.

Why should you consider Novergy’s exclusive OPEN ACCESS solar solutions?

  • Proven track record of 15+ years
  • Faster Compliance
  • Have been delivering solutions for Fortune 500 Companies
  • Favourable and trusted frameworks across many countries. 


You can email for more information on solar power through an open-access program. Our Open Access framework is now being operational in many states of the country and gradually growing.