The energy cost has been rising over time due to the increasing use of energy in industries. 

As a result, many industries are choosing to ride the renewable energy of Solar.

Do you want to solarize your commercial premise but are confused about getting started? 

This article covers the top 5 mistakes a company can make while partnering with a solar company. 

Let’s get started – 

1. Not Doing Enough Research and Understanding About The Solar Company in Detail

Today, markets are filled with players selling Solar Solutions, but how do you identify which company is better than the other? 

We outlay a three-pointer checklist which you can utilize – 

  • Check how long the company has been in the solar business – Normally, a lot of companies enter this business, but a few of them sustain for the long term and deliver the value which is expected; hence checking the company history is important for you to shortlist on your Solar Partner.
  • Are all the related areas such as design, planning, execution, and construction being done in-house? – One another question that you should be asking the company you want to partner with is whether all the areas of Solar solutions are being handled in-house or is it outsourced. Having all the necessary talent in-house is undoubtedly an advantage for you.
  • Check for Past Projects – Carefully examine the past projects and ask technical questions from the team to understand their expertise about your solar requirements. You don’t want an intellectually weaker team to handle your execution. 

2. What Happens After The Solar Panel Installation is Complete

One of the most asked questions should be what happens once this project is completed. 

What happens to the after-sales service? 

What kind of service support can I expect? 

If you are not asking these questions while evaluating proposals for your Solar Project, you are making a big mistake. 

Service support and after-sales service is one area that needs to be given a lot of importance. As much as installing a high-quality solar panel, it’s also important to ensure that it remains in good health to deliver the necessary power output. 

You must confirm that the solar provider offers top-notch after-sales services. After the purchase and installation, they ought to be prepared to assist you. To be as effective as possible, you must continually comprehend a few things.

The solar firm must be available for this to happen. It’s essential to keep in mind that a solar panel investment is a long-term one that will last you for more than 25 years. 

After the purchase and installation, many industries make the error of dismissing customer service assistance. 

You discover that the after-sales servicing is not included in the affordable services. 

Make sure the business you select offers excellent and effective after-sales services. They should be accessible to check on you whenever you require clarifications or system upkeep. It will get you the essential thing which is peace of mind. 

3. Low Pricing is Not Equal to Better Product

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. This is true for most products on the market, where the price is a good indicator of quality. But what happens when two products are equally qualified, but one is priced significantly higher than the other? In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses need to know that low pricing may not always give you the best product. 

Not all solar panels are created equal. Poorly made panels can severely affect the performance and longevity of a solar system. Who would buy an overpriced product when another vendor offers the same quality for a substantially lower price? Some companies think they can increase sales by launching cheap products, but this strategy has been proven wrong and might even put off potential buyers.

So the question that has to be asked here is – 

Should we blindly chase price? Or give equal importance to other aspects as well. 

Don’t fall into the trap of low pricing and cheap quality, as that may be one most common mistake while partnering with a solar company. 

The thing is that our company’s pricing is more expensive than other competitor companies. Still, the focus and goal of our company are to deliver solar energy products with high standards through our reliable quality and assurance during our solar panel’s manufacturing process. But we assure you that our panels are suitable for all weather conditions.

4. Quality Assurance & Workmanship

Indian weather is very unpredictable for any electrical device. 

The initial expenditure can be high when it comes to solar panels, and this is something which is not a recurring investment. 

Due to this, you need to ensure your system continues to work effectively for a very long time. 

The majority of businesses give a 10-year performance warranty. 

During this time, your solar panel will be exposed to more than 100,000 hours of sunshine, wind, rain, and hail. 

Poor-quality panels won’t be able to endure these temperatures for a long time.

Hence one common mistake that companies make is not closely assessing the quality and workmanship of the solar partner and giving a very high weightage to only the pricing part. 

Not to forget one crucial point, which is attention to detail. Does the solar company pay attention to smaller and finer details to ensure that the final product is flawless? 

At Novergy Solar, we are dedicated to giving our clients high-quality solar products that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions and keep giving unmatched power output for generations. 

5. Shallow Focus on The Warranty Information

As shared in our last points, Installing a Solar Solution for your industry and corporate is a decision you will take for many years to come. 

Hence, it becomes very important to pay close attention to the warranty information any prospective solar company provides. 

A good product warranty ensures that your Solar products stay away from damage and the installation provider ensures that repairs are conducted on time. 

At Novergy, our solar panels are backed by a 25-year linear warranty.

To Sum It Up

Novergy has been at the forefront of helping customers across industries solve their emerging power needs for over a decade. The performance of our solar panels has well proven themselves in these years, resulting in a better return on investment and ensuring solar output exceeds client expectations.

We have the best and most reliable solar technology in the business, as evidenced by the numerous international and national bodies that have certified, accredited, and approved our company and its products. 

As evidenced by our project execution and performance track record, providing an excellent client experience requires being an integrated player that covers the entire chain of design, engineering, production, supply, installation, and commissioning.

We maintain consistent quality and assurance throughout the production of our solar panels to produce good solar energy products. Do not, however, ignore the details. Use the advice discussed above to prevent making poor purchasing decisions.

Ready to invest in the future of energy and solarize your commercial premise? 

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