Are you considering the installation of solar panels for your organization?

You should always be mindful before buying solar products. It’s an investment that can provide energy to your setup for 25 years or more. With Novergy, you can achieve your solar goals and can go years without facing any performance and maintenance concern.

Maximize power and performance with Novergy’s panels which come with a very high build quality. Our commitment to quality and innovation make our products stand out from other standard panels. Our panels have undergone extensive testing and are made under stringent manufacturing standards.

Empower your future with solar power and get the best energy harvest with Novergy solar panels.

Let’s have a look at the top 7 reasons as why Novergy crystalline solar module should be your go-to choice –

1.Efficiency – Which Only A Few Can Match.

Our PV modules promise one of the highest efficiency quotients in the industry and live up to it. As a global provider of durable solar power panels, Novergy has been solving power needs of industries for more than a decade. Our modules deliver more kWh energy than the competition.

While standard crystalline modules available in the market provide 15% efficiency, Novergy modules provide 19.5%, which set it apart from others in the industry. It is tested by UL for efficiency. The efficiency of cells is more than 22.5% – which is one of the best in the industry.


  1. More Power Per Meter Square

Are you the one who is tight on space? But still want to utilize your unused space? Novergy panels are a perfect solution for that.

Unlike conventional solar modules which occupy more space to generate power, Novergy modules generate 20% more power in lesser space. You can get more power which requires less installation space and  now comes at an unbeatable price.


  1. Better Temperature Coefficient

When you’re going to install panels at your facility, you should always take temperature coefficient as a point of reference. It is a parameter through which you calculate the performance and productivity of cells.

With Novergy’s technical expertise and intelligent design, the reduction in energy yield is only 0.37%, while other conventional panels reduce it by 0.47%.


  1. Anti-Reflective Coating

One of the significant issues which most people face after installation of solar panels has been glare and glint created by them. Novergy panels come with anti-reflective coating glass, which reduces the reflectance to a significant amount. They also absorb a good amount of light and hence generate more power too.

Its design is fused with a wide range of innovative elements which make it an ultimate choice for solar panels.


  1. Low Degradation

Degradation is simply the decline in solar output over a period of time. It is one of the crucial factors which affect your decision, it helps in calculating return on investment and payback time. Novergy panels are made up of high-grade materials, the cells degrade much lesser when they are exposed to light. It helps in reducing the degradation caused by light.



  1. Responsive In Low Light Conditions

Our solar panels are capable of absorbing more sunlight in low light. They generate power in lower wavelengths which ensures better harvest even in evening, winters and cloudy conditions.  The advanced technology wakes up the inverter early in the morning and generates power to the maximum potential until late in the evening.


  1. Works Even In The Harshest Of The Conditions

The mechanical strength of our panels is powerful – It is certified to withstand high wind loads (2400 Pa) and snow loads (5400 Pa).  Behind the solar module is a waterproof and dustproof IP67 junction box.  The junction box has integrated bypass diodes to reduce the effect of shading or dust.



All Things Considered,

Novergy, with its decade long experience in the industry and, has served MNCs, corporates, solar EPC companies and global organizations, which helped it in gaining significant expertise in the solar business.

Our modules are efficient and reliable. It comes with a 5-year warranty against any manufacturing defects and 25 years linear performance warranty. We offer modules with both monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels. These modules are being exported to nearly 30 countries.

At Novergy, we understand our client expectations and provide them with befitted offers which cater to your needs in every way. We make high-quality modules, that will last for life so that you can get maximum return on your investment. Visit and explore the wide range of modules.