A solar inverter is one of the most prerequisite elements of any solar electric power system. It converts DC output of photovoltaic panels into AC output. The AC electricity, then can be used to run your various appliances. The electricity which is not being used can be transferred to the grid or into home battery storage system.

Gone are the days when inverters were used just for the feature of conversion of DC to AC electricity. Now, there is a wide range of inverters available with various technical and safety features incorporated to suit you and your solar project requirements. The features include multi power point tracking, charging, synchronization, and anti-islanding protection, etc.

Today we’ll educate you about one of our interesting products from broad categories of inverters and that is IPCV multi-mode/ hybrid inverters.

Hybrid/ Multi-Mode Inverters

Hybrid solar inverters are capable of managing input from both solar panel and a battery bank simultaneously and charging batteries through a panel or electricity grid. These inverters are economical solutions that encourage load – shifting and self-use. Moreover, these Inverters come with an emergency power supply which provides back-up power if the main power utility fails.

These inverters offer advanced flexibility and functionality. There are lots of benefits bundled into a single unit, they can work in various modes such as an on -grid, off-grid, grid-tie with battery backup inverter depending on load, grid, solar and battery situations. These inverters are well attuned to cater to different settings such as grid power outage, excess solar power, battery charge and discharge.

Novergy’s IPCV inverters are the first choice of solar experts based on their productivity and efficiency rate of up to 99%.These inverters are available in various power ratings from 2KW onwards in a single phase to 10KW models in 3 phases. The IPCV 10kw has a capability to be connected in parallel to cater to larger loads such as 20kw or 30kw.  They can also be used as either a string inverter or a purely battery-based inverter.

Features of IPCV

Multi-Mode Operation In A Single Unit– A single unit manages multiple purposes like on -rid inverters, off-grid inverters, on-grid with battery back-up, and serves as UPS also.

Provides Back-Up For Long Hours– As compared to the traditional and conventional inverters, IPCV does not only feed power to the grid, but also works as back-up power for future usage and during a power outage.

Reduces Electricity Bills – When Photovoltaic (PV) energy is low, the inverters use the battery energy first. They extract AC power from the grid only when battery energy cannot support them. They ensure maximum energy utilization from solar panels to distribute the load.

PromptsReaction To Power Failure – To provide uninterrupted power, it operates as an off-grid inverter. It’s an efficient solution for remote regions with limited/ temporary AC power source.

A Safe And Reliable Solution– With 96% inverter efficiency, raising the technological capability indicator high, it is proven to be a safe and authentic solution. Pure sine wave output makes it ideal for using it in all the appliances like computers, fans, TV, lights, etc. The solar MPPT charger makes sure it draws maximum harvest from panels while ensuring the harvest is most optimal.

Real-Time Power Tracking – Our IPCV inverter comes with LCD display for real-time tracking and monitoring. It has the following functions;

  • Self-consumption and feed – into the grid.
  • Programmable supply priority for PV, battery and grid.
  • User- adjustable battery charging option for battery life optimization.
  • Programmable multiple operation modes – Grid-tie, off-grid and grid-tie with battery back-up.
  • Built-in timer.

Multiple Operation Modes– A Great Bargain for Every Situation

Our IPCV inverter has in-built intelligence to optimize the usage of solar energy which reduces the grid usage as well as exports the surplus energy when the load is less and battery is charged. For sites where it is not feasible to install a battery bank immediately, they allow the system to operate without a battery bank also.

There are mainly three modes which are explained through pictures;

Grid- Tie: Whether it is daytime or a sunny day, they cater to AC loads and work as an on-grid inverter by exporting excess power to the grid.

Off-Grid: Daytime or a sunny day, inverters cater to AC loads and charge the batteries.

Grid-Tie with Battery Back-Up: Daytime or sunny day, it works as an on-grid inverter and charges the battery.

During a cloudy and foggy day, works as an off-grid inverter and draws balance power from the grid as and when needed.

 Novergy’s IPCV series inverter is technologically efficient and a smart inverter which works for multiple scenarios through a single unit. You can back up your solar power during the day to use it at night. Feed power to the grid or use it as a grid tie inverter with battery back-up. Program and set up your priority power sources with the supporting software. During power failures, the inverters automatically switch to emergency mode to extract power from the battery.

With a proven record of serving our clients with efficient and top-notch solutions for over 12 years, Novergy Solar has become a reliable provider of inverters and solar energy systems. It has a wide range of solar inverters to choose from, which makes it easy to design and install a solar system to match the requirements of clients. These inverters are all-in-one solution,grid-connected solar plus storage system. Explore the IPCV series on novergysolar.com.