Agriculture is one of the most significant pillars of the Indian economy, contributing 18% to India’s GDP and providing employment to 50% of the country’s workforce. Over the years, the Indian agriculture industry has undergone a significant transformation with technological advancements, irrigation infrastructure, modern agricultural practices, renewable energy projects, and government policies.

Powering the future of agriculture with Novergy solar water pumps

However, most agricultural players still need to learn about modern practices such as solar pumps and their benefits. Farmers and the agriculture industry are looking for ways to boost their business and reduce operating costs but fear their investment in solar-powered solutions might need to be improved.

Irrigation plays a crucial role in crops’ growth, quality, and health, and most agricultural lands are in remote locations where electricity lines are unavailable. As a result, farmers rely on diesel pumps to pump water, leading to air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions.

To overcome these challenges, solar EPC providers have designed solar pumps to revolutionize the agriculture industry. Solar water pumps are a cost-effective alternative to diesel or petrol-powered pumps, especially in states like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, where diesel-fuelled pumps are widely used. They minimize the cost of irrigation, enabling farmers to grow more crops, even water-intensive crops, at a lower expense. Additionally, farmers can sell surplus electricity to state energy distribution companies and earn financial rewards.

Sustainable Irrigation:

Sustainable irrigation refers to using water resources to meet the present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. With Novergy, sustainable irrigation is achieved through solar-powered pumps, which provide clean and renewable energy for farming operations. This eliminates the need for grid-connected or diesel-powered pumps, which can negatively impact the environment through emissions and other pollutants.

Novergy: Pioneers in Solar-Powered Irrigation Pumps

Novergy is a leading provider of innovative and sustainable irrigation solutions. The company is dedicated to empowering farmers and communities with access to clean and reliable energy sources for their water pumping needs. One of their flagship products is the solar agricultural water pumping system, which is designed to help farmers meet their irrigation requirements in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

Range of Products for Different Irrigation Requirements
Novergy offers a wide range of solar-powered pumps that cater to various pumping and irrigation requirements, including farming, drinking water, lift irrigation, water supply in rural areas, and community water requirements. No matter the need, Novergy has a solution to meet it.

Monobloc Surface and Submersible Solar Pumps

The company provides both monobloc surface and submersible solar pumps, giving farmers the flexibility to choose the best solution for their specific needs. The monobloc surface pumps are designed for shallow well applications, while the submersible pumps are available in two variants – borewell and open well – to accommodate different well depths.

Power Ratings Ranging from 0.5HP to 200HP

The solar pumps offered by Novergy have power ratings ranging from 0.5HP to 200HP, providing farmers with a variety of options to choose from based on their irrigation needs. The high-power rating options are ideal for large-scale farms, while the lower-power rating options are well-suited for smaller farms and rural communities.

Suitable for Deployment in Rural and Remote Locations

One of the biggest advantages of Novergy’s solar agricultural water pumping system is that it is suitable for deployment in rural and remote locations. The pumps can operate independently off-grid or Genset and do not rely on a grid connection, making them ideal for areas where access to electricity is limited.

Novergy is leading the way in the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly irrigation solutions for farmers and communities. With a range of products designed to meet different irrigation requirements and a commitment to providing access to clean energy sources, Novergy is empowering farmers to meet their water pumping needs in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.

Advantages of using Novergy Solar Water Pumps in Agriculture:

Low maintenance cost: Novergy Solar Water Pumps come with a full 25-year linear warranty, which means 25 years of worry-free operation with no fuel, labour, or maintenance costs.

Increased profitability: By cutting down electricity and diesel overheads, farmers can improve their income and grow more crops, even water-intensive yields, at a much lower expense.

Environmentally friendly: The switch to solar pumping solutions helps to irrigate farms in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way, reducing dependence on diesel pumps and the local grid.

Improved irrigation cycle: The solar cycle of Novergy Solar Water Pumps matches the irrigation cycle, providing farmers with a reliable source of water supply for at least 6 to 7 hours during the day.

High efficiency: With features such as MPPT technology and automatic on/off operation, Novergy Solar Water Pumps offer high efficiency and longevity with their stainless-steel construction.

Low operating cost: With an expected operating price, Novergy Solar Water Pumps are a cost-efficient solution in the long run, especially in regions with sunny days and plenty of groundwater.

Reliable solution: Suitable for deployment anywhere, Novergy Solar Water Pumps can operate independently off-grid or Genset, making them a reliable source of water supply for rural and remote locations.

Versatile usage: Novergy Solar Water Pumps can be used for various water pumpings requirements such as farming, drinking water, lift irrigation, water supply in rural areas, and community water requirements.

Parting Thoughts

If you’re looking for a reliable source of water supply for your agriculture needs, consider switching to solar pumping solutions with Novergy. Our solar water pumps are a credible solution for rural and remote locations, with advanced features and a full 25-year linear warranty.

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