In India, proper irrigation facility is one of the rising concerns of agricultural and farming industries. Agriculture is at the heart of India as 50% of people in India do farming for a living and it contributes 13.7% to the GDP. However, the agriculture sector is in dire need of upgrading its conventional techniques and adopting innovative solutions to reap the actual benefits of the trade. Unreliable electricity and water pumps are two main constraints as the majority of farmers are dependent on them for irrigation and water needs. These conventional pumps are either connected to the grid or need DG sets to operate.

Every state of India does not get 24×7 supply of electricity, the state government has regulated shifts of 8 hours for farmers. Moreover, this erratic nature of electricity encourages a wasteful method of irrigation as farmers leave the pumps switched on throughout the day which results in flooding in farms. With that, the majority of farmers face acute water scarcity. In many states, the agricultural power supply is unmetered which gives rise to systemic inefficiencies like theft, transmission and distribution loss. Unmetered energy for agriculture creates recurring fiscal pressure. Besides that, farming industries rely upon rainfall and leave their crops at the mercy of uncertain climatic situations. In the absence of rain, they resort to the manual irrigation system or diesel-powered pumps which run on expensive diesel and burden them financially. All these things combined, escalate agriculture loss further.

However, constant improvements in agriculture technology and innovations in the renewable energy sources made solar-powered pumps a feasible replacement of traditional pumps. It does not only replace the grid-connected electric pumps but also offset the enormous fuel costs involved. The solar power system has been around since 1970, only in recent years, it has seen a surge in innovation and adoption at a rapid rate. Solar power pump gives farmers control over the water and electricity supply which can be helpful in the conservation of groundwater. Solar water pumps have become a standalone solution for lands where farmers are out of the reach of the electricity grid.

Revolutionize the farming industry with Novergy solar pumps

There is wide-scale adoption of Solar pumps because farmers think it can revolutionize the picture of Indian farming. The off-grid solar pump has seen rampant acceptance and considerable development as it makes access to energy easier in power-starved regions. It reduces production risk with a reliable power supply and increases crop yield. It ensures water security as farmers do not have to rely upon rain-fed irrigation. It also reduces the energy subsidy burden off from the Government. Solar based farm irrigation system provides optimum profitability, sustainability, protection and efficient usage of water resources.

Novergy Solar Pumps – a reliable system to power your water needs

Our pumps offer the highest efficiency and longevity with its stainless-steel construct. These pumps are available in monobloc, submersible borewell and submersible open well in AC as well as DC variants ranging from 1HP to 100HP or even higher. These solar pumping solutions can be used for a variety of uses such as irrigation, water pumping for farming, drinking water, community water supply, etc.

The key components of the solar pump are made by Novergy, allowing a single service point reducing the service downtime. Our solar pumps make efficient irrigation easier as they come with an integrated monitoring system which gives vital signs and information on pump utilization.

Revolutionize the farming industry with Novergy solar pumps
Revolutionize the farming industry with Novergy solar pumps

The Novergy advantage

  • It encourages on-farm water usage
  • It offers an additional income source
  • Smart detectors for undervoltage, overvoltage and short-circuit
  • A battery-less operation, ensuring no need for battery installation and replacement
  • High-efficiency motors which consume less energy compared to normal pumps
  • Dry running sensor protection
  • More water output as compared to other competitors
  • Lowest annual degradation of solar modules in the field, ensuring long uninterrupted life

Our aim is to provide a cost-friendly approach than conventional methods of providing electricity in remote areas where setting up a transmission line is a distant dream. We assure that our solar-powered pumps are way too cheaper than pumps that run on fossil fuels. Once you recover the upfront cost of the system, the energy you will use after, will be free of cost. Moreover, you can store the solar energy for later use and harness frequent power outage. You can also sell the excess electricity to the local utility grid and earn through net metering which is its prime selling point.

Revolutionize the farming industry with Novergy solar pumps

We have taken care of all meticulous details of agriculture and farming needs while designing these pumps. Choose Novergy pumps for premium quality and proven performance. A smart and automatic system for dusk to dawn operation. To know more about the specifics of each solar pump, visit!