Homeowners, commercial and industrial businesses have started choosing solar energy over conventional sources of energy in India. The explosive adoption is a result of affordable solar modules, Government schemes and policies that are accelerating the growth of renewable energy. Solar energy reduces the dependence and reliance on fossil fuels. Besides burning of fossil fuels for energy production has been one of the biggest culprits contributing to climate change. And, we have been doing it not just for years or decades but for centuries. Today, we have numerous environmental challenges that are directly influenced by human activity.

Our atmosphere is composed of numerous greenhouse gases such as ozone, methane, nitrous oxide, chlorofluorocarbons, CO2, water vapor etc. These gases are present in the atmosphere to accumulate or trap the heat from sunlight. The atmosphere filters the sunlight and passes it to Earth to keep the temperature in line with the range required for living. However, too much density of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has an adverse effect on the Earth. It thickens the atmospheric layer which radically increases the temperature on our planet.

Burning of fossil fuels pollutes the atmosphere by adding greenhouse gases and CO2 into it. According to a trusted source, earlier, the CO2 levels were 200 parts per million, but after the industrial revolution and its increased dependence on fossil fuels, the CO2 levels have now increased to 400 parts per million.  According to NASA, since 1900, the temperature of the Earth has increased 1°C. However, if global temperature increases over 2°C, there may be no going back, and the effects of climate change would be inescapable.

Solar energy can help tackle climate change

Adverse effects of climate change in India

The vital signs of climate change are more visible now than ever. Scientists have confirmed that the global temperature will keep rising in the years to come and we will witness some drastic weather pattern changes. India is ranked among the top countries that are most vulnerable to climate change. Due to the human-induced warming activities, by the end of 2030, the temperature is projected to rise by 1.7 to 2 degrees centigrade. This indicates a significant increase in heatwaves, droughts and floods. According to a report by Deccan Herald, in the year 2019 alone, about 45 % of India were under drought and more than 12 states saw catastrophic floods.

India is the 7th largest country in the world with enormous energy demand. Despite the continuous push and efforts by the Government to diversify the dependency from coal to renewable sources, the majority of energy production in India is still achieved through coal thermal power plants. According to the Ministry of statistics and program implementation, the top energy-intensive sector is industrial, accounting for about 56% of total energy consumption. Petroleum sector, MSME, agriculture sector and the commercial sector are the top consumers of energy in India.

Solar energy can help tackle climate change


Solar energy can help tackle climate changeAccording to this report, solar power holds 68% potential for renewable power generation in India. India has been trying to address the climate crisis through its national action plan and state action plan on climate change. These plans have 8 missions and one of them is solar. With that, a solar alliance was announced at the Climate Summit meeting in Paris, which aims to expand renewable generating capacity to 174 GW by 2022.

How solar power can prevent climate crisis

The downside of using fossil fuels for the generation of electricity is we need to burn them, which results in high carbon dioxide emissions – contaminating the plant and fuelling climate crisis. However, every kWh of energy produced by solar modules is the energy that is not generated in coal thermal power plants that expel GHG. As mentioned earlier, industries and commercial businesses are one of the biggest consumers of electricity. With the shift towards the use of renewable sources, we will do more than producing lights and powering the grid. We will lead to carbon neutrality and unleash carbon-free energy to help energy-intensive sectors. It is still a distant vision to achieve complete carbon neutrality, it is not simple, but it will be technically realistic in the years to come.

As per a report of the scientific community by climate experts, since the start of the first industrial revolution in the mid-1700s, human activities have released more than 2 trillion metric tons of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. To curb the carbon emissions and to combat climate change, many big organizations are working towards carbon offsetting. Microsoft has pledged to become carbon negative by the year 2030, it will reduce all the emissions caused directly or indirectly by the consumption of electricity. If a small scale business or industry switches to solar energy, it will create the same emission reduction effect as planting more than 1000 trees every year. Imagine the effect, if it is adopted by mid-scale to large-scale industries.

Moreover, solar energy is readily abundant. Solar panels can be recycled and they do not contaminate the planet as fossil fuels do. It is a valuable asset in the fight against climate crisis. It holds the power to reduce the most hazardous and key greenhouse gas. Industries should adopt solar energy not just to reduce their electric bills, but to set an example for others as the levels of carbon dioxide are at a record high. It requires our attention and immediate action.

Solar energy can help tackle climate change

How Novergy can help industries?

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Solar energy can help tackle climate change

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