In the summertime, the consumption of electricity dramatically increases in industries and commercial properties. Summer coincides with months when the businesses receive huge electricity bills. The air conditioners and cooling system run all day long, and you don’t realize the fact that they are adding to the company’s operating overheads. Industries and commercial properties pay a higher rate of electricity as compared to residential properties. The peak summertime drives up the demand for energy, the more power goes through the grid, the hotter it becomes. On a usual hot day, with massive energy use – the power lines tend to break, sag and stretch. Power grids reduce these heightened loads by using blackouts.

Industrialists and business owners start to search for an alternative to alleviate the increasing demand for electricity. And when it comes to reaping the benefits from an investment, timing plays an essential role. Getting a solar system installed during the spring season is financially more feasible. Switching to solar is a good thing to do in any season, but it can be incredibly profitable if installed in the spring season. It saves you money that goes in the electricity bills, eliminates issues like power outages and blackouts, reduces your dependence on the local power grid and delivers a sustainable solution for the environment and the future generations. It enables you to take advantage of long sunny days with maximum energy harvesting.

In this blog, we will share with you the benefits of switching to solar in springtime and how you can make the most out of your solar investment;

Shorter solar installation time

As more and more businesses switch to solar energy in peak summers, solar EPC organizations become busier, which could result in a longer waiting period. It takes a considerable amount of time to get a solar panel system fully operational. The permits, inspections, designing and commissioning can extend the timeline of the project into weeks and sometimes even months during the high-demand period. So, it is best to schedule the solar panel system installation in March – when the spring sets in. This will ensure that the entire process is completed before the severe summer months as the whole installation process can take from 30-90 days.

One more upside to getting a solar power system in the spring season is the climate is mostly pleasant, so the process will not be hindered by the scorching heat. Workers will be more comfortable with the installation without skipping the work. With that, you will be able to avoid packed summer schedules of installers and will create a less stressful work setting for them.

The spring season is the best time to go solar

Reduces operational cost

Independence from the local electricity grid will provide you with an opportunity to offset the electricity overheads. It will safeguard your commercial property from the surging cost of electricity. It will also aid in stabilizing the grid by restricting the energy demands being transmitted to the power grid. Solar energy reduces your reliance on the local grid, which will reasonably minimize the operating cost of the company.

The spring season is the best time to go solar

Minimizes dependence on the local grid

In summers, due to the increased energy usage, power grids face excess loads, leading to frequent outages. Commercial properties cannot be dependent on one power source, so they have Genset to accommodate the energy demands when there’s a blackout. These extra power sources are very expensive as they run on fuel. By going solar, you will not only benefit the company but also your city’s power grid by not contributing to the energy drain. Summer gets abundant sunshine, so you will have plenty of power for all your summertime usage. As you will not be dependent on your local power grid, your property and your work will remain unaffected when the city faces outages and blackouts.

The spring season is the best time to go solar

A sustainable alternative for the environment 

By changing your power system to the solar panel system, you will not only save your money on the electricity bills but also protect the environment by making a sustainable choice. The solar system reduces the effect of greenhouse gases by emitting less carbon in the atmosphere and by making the air we breathe cleaner. Additionally, It will influence other companies to switch to solar and take a step forward to eco-friendly building.

The spring season is the best time to go solar

Increases the value of property

A property with a remarkable solar panel system values more than the conventional properties. A buyer would rather invest in a property with benefits like low energy costs than a property which is dependent on the local power grid. Solar modules make your property more attractive to investors.

 The spring season is the best time to go solar

Way forward

Regardless of the time of the year, solar is the ideal way to relieve the increasing cost of energy while remaining conscious of our ecosystem. Having your solar system ready in the springtime prepares you for the harsh days of summer, with a cost-effective source of energy than the local grid.

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